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An International Brand

When you choose a member of Independent Network to install your VEKA uPVC windows, doors or conservatory, it’s reassuring to know that they’re supported by the largest privately-owned windows systems company in the world.

VEKA Group has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing industry-leading uPVC systems, and employs more than 5,200 people in over 35 manufacturing and sales sites worldwide.  

Yes, it’s a vast global organisation, but it’s backed by true local knowledge. In the UK, for instance, our development and technical teams design products from scratch that are perfectly suited to our unique environment and climate.

VEKA Group work hard to lead the market with investment, product development, and technology that provides you, our customers, with a fantastic range of great looking products that are energy efficient, secure, and environmentally responsible.

With its valuable support and worldwide reputation to technical excellence, VEKA Group is the perfect partner to all members of Independent Network.

As an industry-leading environmentally responsible manufacturer, VEKA leads the way. With initiatives that include establishing a recycling system so that the material from old frames is re-used in the manufacture of the latest frames. VEKA was also one of the first companies to be granted BFRC ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating (WER), and also produces the only window system that is A Rated for sound reduction.

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What does VEKA Group do?

VEKA Group extrudes lengths of profile (UPVC), in a range of different colours, this is then sent to our fabricators who make the lengths of profile into a window, door or conservatory and finally then sent to an installer who fits them in your home.

How many plants do VEKA Group have globally?


VEKA Group have more than 35 manufacturing and sales sites across the globe, including facilities across Europe, Asia, America and Russia.

Since the company was founded in 1969 in Germany, VEKA Group (or VekaPlast as it was originally known) has grown quickly into one of the world's largest manufacturers of UPVC profile for windows and doors.

The company expanded into the UK in 1986 with the development of our manufacturing facility in Burnley.  Over time this has grown substantially and become a major centre for the business with multiple extrusion lines in operation (these are the manufacturing systems which produce the components that are combined into frames and profile.

How many people do VEKA Group employ?

At the Burnley site in the UK VEKA Group employ around 400 people, globally VEKA Group employ over 5,000.

Do VEKA Group recycle?

We have 3 old to new uPVC recycling plants in France, Germany and the UK. Visit our VEKA Recycling sister company's website for more information.

Older UPVC window frames and doors are highly recyclable.  The first step in the process is to remove all of the metal and glass fittings from the frame.  Once this has been done, the UPVC components are shredded into small beads of plastic.  Once processed, these beads can then be mixed into new UPVC and used in the manufacture of new windows and doors.

The UPVC can be re-used many times - this saves a great deal of energy and reduces the amount of waste that needs to be sent to landfill making UPVC windows a sustainable product that not only helps to improve your home's energy efficiency, but also requires less energy to manufacture in the first place.  

When was VEKA Group founded?

VEKA Group was founded in Germany in 1968 as 'VekaPlast' and has been operating for more than fifty years.

The company began in Sendenhorst in Westphalia with 8 employees producing roller shutters and building profiles, but in 1969, under the direction of Heinrich Laumann, began manufacturing UPVC Windows.

VekaPlast grew in size throughout the 1970s and in 1981 opened a substantial new plant which was the most modern mixing plant for UPVC in Europe.

The company began to expand outside Germany in 1983 with a plant in Spain, and the UK operations began in 1986.

in 1991, the company name was changed from VekaPlast to VEKA, and continued to expand around the world with acqusitions of multiple strategic brands.

When was VEKA Group established in the UK?

Although VEKA Group was established in Burnley, Lancashire in 1986, our parent company - VEKA Group has been in existence for more than 50 years.  

Originally founded in 1968 in the Westphalia city of Sendenhorst in Germany as VekaPlast, we have been manufacturing UPVC products for more than 50 years.

Under the direction of Heinrich Laumann, VekaPlast began manufacturing UPVC window profiles in 1969, and grew quickly with the development of new manufacturing facilities.

The international expansion of the company  led to the UK operation beginning in 1986, before the business was renamed to VEKA Group in 1991.

What products does VEKA Group sell?

VEKA Group offers 3 uPVC systems - VEKA, Halo & Imagine. These are sold by Independent Network members across the UK in the form of UPVC windows, doors, conservatories and extensions. 

How big is VEKA Group in the UK?

VEKA Group is the number 1 systems company in the UK, The Burnley site boasts 34 extrusion lines and developed the first UPVC window system awarded an 'A' rating under the new energy rating system.