How to: Dress your windows for spring

Interiors writer, Rachel Ogden, gives expert advice on window treatments for the new season.

You wouldn’t still be wearing a winter coat in summer, so just as your wardrobe changes with the season, so should your window treatments. Not only will this make your home feel instantly brighter and ready for the sunny days ahead, it’s a great way to introduce the latest interior trends without a whole room revamp. 

Lighten up the look

Thick heavy curtains are great during the winter for keeping cosy. However, more daylight hours and less of a chill means you can easily swap them for something lighter. Semi-transparent roller blinds, sheer curtains or voiles are a good choice as they’ll maximise the amount of daylight coming into a room while still providing a layer of privacy. The latest fabrics are often embroidered or available in pretty tinted colours so your windows can be just as stylish as with curtains.

When you’re thinking about what kind of sheer to choose, consider the purpose of the room, how much natural daylight it receives and the tone of the décor overall. For example, a luxurious room will look great with silk voiles or those with a subtle shimmer, while a room that receives a lot of sunshine will benefit from a double-layered roller blind or a heavier voile fabric, such as linen, to help filter and control the light. Linen is also a good insulator if you like to have your windows open frequently but don’t want a draught. Sheer window treatments look great when combined with curtains, blinds or shutters, so can even be used in bedrooms.

Choose colour

There’s nothing better than a splash of colour to help your home feel fresh and window treatments are a smart way to start. Not only can blinds and curtains be updated easily when you fancy a change, they’re a good place to introduce an accent colour without it overwhelming a room. For example, Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year, is a zingy yellow-green that might be a bit bold for some across furniture or on walls, but a blind in an eye-catching green is perfect for drawing attention to a garden view or injecting a more natural feel.

For those who prefer the versatility of neutrals, think about opting for one of the season’s sophisticated dusky pastels. More grown-up than the candy shades of previous years, soft blues, pale pinks and mint greens with an undertone of grey are a subtle way to update a room.

Changing your window frames can transform a room, too. Switching from light or dark wood to clean, crisp white draws attention to your windows in an instant, while a change from white to a warmer shade is great for adding a layer of warmth. You could even try switching your doors to make an even bigger statement.

The big reveal

North-facing rooms, or those with few or small windows can feel a bit dull or lacklustre, so tailor your treatment to make the most of the longer spring days. Roman blinds, for example, will often cover part of a window at the top, so think about compact rollers or concertina pleated blinds instead. Similarly, choose colour carefully – greys and blues will make a shady room feel cooler, while yellow tones are naturally sunnier and pink tones will add a feeling of warmth.

It’s also key not to block the light from your windows, so make sure there are no large or tall pieces of furniture near or next to them. When you’re fitting a new treatment, such as curtains or shutters, allow space away from the window recess for fabric to gather at each side or a place for panels to fold back, so it’s kept clear.

Remember, everyone’s windows are different, so if you’re struggling to find the right treatment to give your home a springtime feel, speak to an expert rather than go it alone. 


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