How to decorate your windows and doors for Christmas

Spread the festive spirit throughout your home with these Christmas window ideas.

Christmas is just around the corner! Spread the festive spirit throughout your home with our top five Christmas window ideas.

You’ve kitted your home out with the best uPVC windows and doors to ensure you stay warm and cosy all winter long, and now you want to show them off over the festive period. The Christmas season is a prime opportunity to display your new uPVC windows and doors beautifully. Whether it be Christmas dinner with your family, or Boxing Day drinks with the girls, use these Christmas window ideas to achieve the ultimate festive look.

1. The Simple Fairy Light

Fairy Lights on Window

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If your style is more minimal than “Merry Christmas”, a low-key fairy light set can be a chic way to inject some festive spirit into your home. Simply hang a string of fairy lights to the frames of your uPVC windows to enjoy a subtle yet stylish touch of Christmas cheer.

2. The DIY

DIY Christmas decorations for windows

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All you need for this Christmas window decoration idea is florist’s wire, cotton balls, and a love for crafting! Much like the fairy lights above, this DIY Christmas craft can be super minimal, or you can build up the look for a full on Christmas fest. Hang from either your uPVC window frames or the inside of your uPVC doors.

3. Sweet 'n' simple

Candy Cane Door Decorations

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The only thing better than a super cute Christmas window decoration idea is a super cute Christmas window decoration idea that your guests can snack on when they’re feeling peckish. Grab some candy canes, matching ribbon and pine leaves for a Christmas window decoration idea that is so easy to put together it pretty much makes itself.

4. Keep it Classy

icicle christmas decorations

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Whether you use this Christmas decoration idea for your uPVC windows or doors, this classy wreath style decor can be personalised to your home and taste depending what colours, lights and accessories you choose. Hang over your door frame for an exquisitely stylish and festive entranceway.

5. Get the kids involved

homemade christmas window decorations

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Bear with us! Grab a washable glass pen (emphasis on the washable!) and let the kids go to town on your windows and doors. Bi-fold doors in particular make for a great canvas to create a full Christmas landscape! A perfect way to get your family fully into the Christmas mood. The kids will love this one and it allows them to harness their creative skills over Christmas whilst out of school.

What do you think of our festive ideas to spice up your uPVC windows and doors this Christmas? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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