Improving your home after COVID-19

Things are finally starting to ease, restrictions aren’t as stringent, and some form of ‘normal’ life is starting to return. We can visit friends and family in large outdoor spaces, visit retail stores and soon we’ll be able to enjoy our favourite dish at our local restaurant and enjoy our ‘new normal’ lives.

But the fight is not yet over as we could still be at risk of a second wave, we need consider the safety of ourselves and our families before anything else. Staying home is the safest way to enjoy ourselves while keeping safe.

Most of us will choose to improve over move and now’s the time to put our plans in to place as we’ll spend more time at home in the months ahead of us. Whether you want to extend your home due to needing the extra space for teaching the children or if you need to enhance your working from home space, you should prioritise the improvements that will make the most positive impact on your life, all year round. Anything that improves our mood, wellbeing and the way we interact as a family should be top of the agenda.

There’s lots of home improvements we can make to enhance the quality of our lives while staying safe at home:

Tackle patio improvements for your staycation

Summer is here. Now’s the time to re-lay your wobbly patio bricks, give the bench a fresh coat of paint or build the DIY firepit of your dreams. Maybe you want to clean out your shed — or put a new one up. If there are any similar outdoor projects you put on your “To-Do Someday” list, now is the time to get going. 


Get your garden in shape

With the beautiful weather returning, now is your opportunity to rid your flower beds and lawn of pesky weeds. With those out of the way, establish a plan for which vibrant flowers and delicious edibles you’ll be planting in specific areas of your garden. If you dream big, plan effectively and work hard, you might just end up with a restful getaway that will feel like an oasis in your own garden.


Increase the size of your home

Fed up of tripping over each? Adding a Conservatory or an Orangery is a great way to increase the size of your home without having to go through the stress of moving house. You’ll have more space to work from home or create a calmer and more relaxed classroom environment for the children with plenty of natural light streaming in

Investing money into a conservatory or an orangery could also potentially increase the value of your property once you come to sell.


Add large glass doors

During the pandemic, we’ve truly valued the need for natural light and fresh air, more than ever before. With health benefits that make us more productive, boost our mood and help us to sleep better, it’s important now more than ever, to add as much natural light into our homes.

Adding large glass doors to darker areas of your home not only allows you to discover views you never knew you had, but helps create the perfect ‘dinner party environment’ for when we can celebrate the lifting of social distancing in the coming months. 


Add stylish windows

After spending so much time in our homes, some of us may want to completely transform them into something unrecognisable and others may want to make small changes to suit a certain interior style. Whatever you’re looking to do, adding new windows can completely transform the appearance of your home from both the inside and the outside.

Windows come in all shapes and sizes and are made fully bespoke to your home. You may opt to transform your wall into as one large window to show off your beautiful panoramic views, or you may wish to add a round window to go with your nautical interior theme.


Reduce your bills

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of energy that you use and make your home more efficient is by and insulating your home with high quality uPVC windows. They’ll reduce the amount of heat that’s escaping and you’ll find that your heating won’t need to be set as high or be left on as long because the windows will hold the heat inside your property. You’ll have an initial upfront cost, but uPVC windows will reduce your household bills and keep you warm for many winters to come.

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