What colour uPVC window frames will suit my house?

Choosing to upgrade your windows can be a daunting decision, doing some research and getting some trusted advice is an essential part of purchasing your new home addition. Everything from the style of the window, the material and the colour of your window frames can be customised to your own individual style… but where do you even begin?

To give you a helping hand, we’ve come up with a few things to consider when choosing the right colour of uPVC windows frames that will best suit your home and give it that wow factor.


Finding the right colour to best suit your home 

Deciding on the colour of windows can be one of the hardest decisions to make and I’m sure you keep asking yourself the same question… what colour window frames will suit my house? With so many colour options available (VEKA offer an incredible 31 colour combinations) you need to consider a number of factors before taking the plunge, so here goes…


The style of your property 


large modern home with upvc windows

All homes have an architectural design that makes them unique and choosing windows that match this design is the first step in choosing the right windows. Is your home modern or traditional?

Victorian-style homes tend to suit classic colours, whereas modern homes can suit anything from bold to the more subtle colours.


The exterior of your property 


Cottage Style Home with light grey UPVC Window Frames

It’s important to choose a colour which will complement the building material used in your property. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and see what colour windows your neighbours have, this could be a great indicator of what will be a perfect match for your home and also give you options which are a definite no no.


The style of window


Contemporary UPVC Frames in Grey

The style of window you choose, top opener, side opener, Casement windows alone have so many options, that’s before you look at different window styles; Vertical Slider, Fully Reversible, we could go on. The type of property you’re in doesn’t have to define your window style, the FlushSash window works on all types of homes from a detached to a terrace, try our visualiser tool to see for yourself. Whatever the style the colour is a reflection of you, so go on, be bold!


Your personal taste 


Modern UPVC Windows with Shutters

The colour you choose should reflect your own personality. Windows are a lifetime investment so there’s nothing worse than choosing a colour that you’ll come to hate a couple of years down the line. Also remember that the colour you have on the outside doesn’t need to be the same as the colour you have on the inside. So, if you have a period home, but a modern interior, it’s easy to create the ideal look either side of the windows.


Colour trends 


Charcoal Grey Window Frames

Taking a look at colour trends can be a great way to gather some ideas and options to choose from. For example, grey window frames are very in fashion at the moment, being the most popular colour it goes with most building materials, it’s subtle, timeless and will suit most styles of properties.


Colours to consider 


  • Darker colours tend to blend in nicely, creating a uniform, uninterrupted exterior. They’re also a creative way to make a statement on your home without choosing a vibrant colour.

  • Lighter frames will highlight the windows, making them more of a feature.

  • White frames are a traditional choice, making your property look fresh and clean.

  • You can also create effects using textured or gloss foils. For you very stylish homeowners out there, an ultrasmooth, ultramatt finish can be an absolute gamechanger… be sure to check out the VEKA SPECTRAL range.


Take a look at the wide range of colours you can choose for your window frames to make them more bespoke and tailor-made to your home with our online visualiser tool.

Whatever style or colour of window you choose, you’re making a safe choice when you choose an Independent Network installer. We represent only the best local uPVC window and door companies in the industry. If you’re looking to refresh your home for Summer with a new set of windows, contact your local Independent Network installer for advice and a quotation.  

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